Pfeiffer Winery Team

ROBIN PFEIFFER | Owner & Winemaker

Robin grew up on the land that is now Pfeiffer Vineyards & Winery. His family raised sheep and chickens for 30 years and lived in a small Quonset house where the winery parking lot is now. He acquired 2 Master Degrees, in Foreign Language Studies and Counseling. He lived in Peru, Mexico and Chile and taught at the University of San Marcos in Lima. He was also a Spanish teacher for 33 years. Robin is one of the early pioneers in the state wine industry having planted his 70-acre vineyard on the south facing slope of the property in 1984. He also planted a sustainable, award-winning forest on the north-facing slope.

DANUTA PFEIFFER | Owner & Winemaker

Danuta was a ski instructor, swim instructor, scuba diver, sky diver, and a long distance bicycle rider. Her first book, Watersafe Your Baby in One Week, was the first definitive book on teaching water survival to infants. Graduating from the University of Colorado, and through various high-profile TV and radio jobs in San Diego, she became the co-host on the international television show, The 700 Club with Pat Robertson. Disillusioned, she retreated to her progressive roots, wrote an award-winning book, Chiseled, and now makes wine, loves and laughs with Robin, the love of her life.

Winemaker | 

Bill has been working in the Oregon wine industry since 1995 and began working as Pfeiffer Winery’s consulting winemaker in 2008. He has a Masters Degree in Enology from UC Davis, and a Masters Degree in Clinical Microbiology from the University of Washington. Bill was born in South Dakota, and worked as a Medical Technologist after undergraduate college, but was drawn to live on the west coast. He guides the wines (and the Pfeiffer’s) through the process from “vine-to-wine”.

Administrative Assistant |

Monique first discovered the wonders of wine while living in France as an exchange student and has been cultivating it ever since. Monique has a background in journalism and wrote a weekly column about pets for The Oregonian / OregonLive before moving to Eugene in 2015. She enjoys reading, running, playing the clarinet, spending time with her husband and their 2 cats, and connecting with people over great wine and conversation.  

Events Coordinator |

Erin is from Santa Cruz, where she found her love of wine through experiencing local California vineyards and working in Italian cuisine. She has taken multiple trips to Italy to expand her knowledge, and search out the perfect wine for restaurants. In the mean time she learned layout engineering, studied art history, hosted open mics, plays guitar & paints watercolors. Now, in the famous Willamette Valley, she continues to follow her passion for great wine. 


Wine Club Manager |

This Texas native brings southern charm to your tasting experience.  Her love of wine began 20 years ago on a wine cruise up the Napa River.  Her favorites include Barbera, Sangiovese and Oregon Pinot Noir.  She is an outdoor enthusiast as the only girl in a household of five and can keep up with all of them camping, sand boarding or playing soccer.  She’s been around Pfeiffer since 2011 as a member and says working here is magical.

Tasting Room Specialist |

Roger was a hang gliding instructor, then a Home & Garden Show manager, a waiter, and then he joined the Pfeiffer team in 2015.  His passions are hiking in the mountains trying to find new waterfalls, Pinot Noir, cats, board games, politics and stimulating conversation. Be sure to get the “Roger Show” if he is your Tasting Room Associate!

Tasting Room Associate |

Nicole is Oregon born and raised, from the Portland suburb of Tigard. She is a student at the University of Oregon, double-majoring in Advertising and Journalism. She is passionate about graphic design, the outdoors, advocating for social justice issues, and crisp glasses of our Black-Eye Chardonnay! When she’s not working, you can find her relaxing by the river, tending to her many houseplants, or playing with the loves of her life, her two pet guinea pigs.

Tasting Room Associate |

Haile is a full-time student, freelance blogger, and travel enthusiast. She moved here from Canada in hopes of bettering her education.  After acquiring dual citizenship, she is finally home.  She received her Associate’s Degree at LCC and has moved on to OSU for her Masters in Environmental Sciences.  She loves long hikes with her Australian Shepherd, but not his aggressive shedding.  She is passionate about combining food, Pinot Noir, and painting. Ask her about her extensive cork collection!

Landscape Artist |

Paul is Danuta’s son. Paul has put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making Pfeiffer Winery’s Water Garden as beautiful as it can be! Next time you visit, if you see Paul out there watering the hundreds of plants and trees, be sure to say hi! Paul loves to go on outdoor adventures with his new wife, Isabel, and the Pfeiffer Winery pups, Paco & Bumper.

Social Media Director |

Isabel was born in Mexico, grew up in Eugene, Oregon, and is bilingual. She is the Social Media Director here at Pfeiffer Winery, so when you see all those posts on Facebook and Instagram, that is her niche! When she is enjoying time off, she loves being outdoors hiking, kayaking, snorkeling and being adventurous with her husband, Paul.

Winery Dogs | 

Paco: AKA Fat Face (left);
Obsession: Being close to Danuta;
Naughtiest Deed: Sneaking out with the vineyard workers’ lunch bags;
Favorite Food: Ham bones warmed in the microwave;
Pet Peeve: Being left out of anything.

Bumper: AKA The Bump (right);
Favorite Toy: Old vines to chew on;
Pet Peeves: The ding of the dishwashing cycle and the thunder of passing airplanes;
Naughtiest Deed: Opening the sliding glass door to the winery’s pavilion to check out the dining tables.

First Aid – CPR – AED Certified | 

Our entire Pfeiffer Winery Team is certified in CPR, First Aid, and the use of the Automated External Defibrillator.

Owners Robin and Danuta Pfeiffer are certified Emergency Responders.